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A split ergonomic keyboard is not the only thing that makes this keyboard more comfortable...

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."

With courage and audacity, we dare to take that first step which, as the philosopher Lao-Tsé pointed out, is the beginning of a long road ahead. This is what travel is like: risky, daring and daring; and so are travelers, who tenaciously make the decision to carry out a daring project. This same philosophy can be applied to manufacturers, especially those entering the consumer market with innovative products that seek to be disruptive and focused on user needs.

Did you know that...?

The first keyboard of the Valencian company Dygma, in which Workplane Design participated in its development, was focused on a specific niche: Gamers.

Dygma Defy Keyboard

Improving the present, learning from each step taken.

With their first keyboard very focused on the professional gaming sector they realized they could expand their market, so they improved their already excellent keyboard to make it even better:

Well built, the Dygma Defy has an anodized aluminum body available in black, silver and a variety of colors that can be combined with black and white keys in different languages.

Disclaimer: All images and information are copyright © Dygma Lab S.L.

Be more productive!

Make changes to your keyboard effortlessly with open source configuration software. With enhancers such as combos, macros, dual function keys and super keys, you can reduce finger movement and speed up your workflow in no time.

Fully customizable:

Top panel colors, keys and palm pads, language design, switches, wireless connection (or not), built-in marquee and, last but not least, RGBW lighting.

From Workplane Design we encourage you to book yours on Dygma's website!

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