If you don't find the customer... BE the customer!

Joug is the brand for which we are ambassadors in China.

From Workplane Design we have collaborated in the design of JOUG products focused on the Asian market. The next step will be to market these products in Europe, adapting the design to our customs and way of life.

We have always found the collaboration in design between East and West in a global world very interesting. We are passionate about this fusion of cultures, which we have been doing together with our partner in China for the last 8 years and which has enriched both parties. We are convinced that the future of design will be associated with this evolution. At Workplane Design we are ready for the next challenge.

The European vision of consumer products is highly appreciated in the East. When the opportunity arose to represent the JOUG brand by participating in its creation and promotion, we did not hesitate.

From the hand of our partner and friend Daye Design Group comes the idea of creating our own brand, as other industrial design companies have been doing for some time. If you don’t find the client for your ideas… be the client!

The JOUG catalog got off to a quiet start:

● Long-lasting electric car air fresheners.
● Humidifiers.
● Diffusers and electronic candles.
Fragrance for large surfaces

Chinese Purifier Presentation
of Ambiente for car

In China, tobacco consumption is not restricted, so air purifiers for private vehicles are a very successful product.

This project was carried out during the year 2021-22 in the China office, with contributions from the Barcelona team, under the direction of
Josep Casal.

In the section of WORKS you will be able to see the articles that we will be bringing to the market (Chinese) and we hope that perhaps, in the future they can reach the European market.

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