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Workplane Design may be able to help you get deals in China.

Chinese Market

Workplane Design offers this service for European companies that want to sell their product or brand in China. Our experience and knowledge of the Chinese market allows us to analyze each case according to the sector and characteristics of the company, in order to show the best options for success.

We look for local companies to create partnerships to facilitate your entry.
We contact the distribution companies that are in charge of customs clearance and stock storage.
These services can be Cross Border or in-country, depending on the needs and requirements of the European customer.

We also assist in the creation of a strategic plan based on e-commerce channels with the collaboration of the main markets in the Chinese market where different companies will be in charge of online or offline sales, product marketing and customer management. This platform is essential in today’s Chinese market.

China is well known for doing a good job of assembling and manufacturing products originally intended elsewhere, but only if there is close follow-up will the outcome and expectations be successful.

Today it still pays to manufacture in China, where the key to success is traceability, and engineers and designers must have close manufacturing and rapid prototyping. Helping companies and start-ups make the transition from products to expanded mass production. Injection molding, rapid prototyping, low volume production, etc.

How do we do it?
At Workplane Design we have experience with factory tracks. All our European customers have successfully taken their products worldwide, produced in China under our supervision. We have contacts with the best manufacturers in China in different sectors. We carry out an exhaustive follow-up of the manufacturing of the product from the mold to the final production. We negotiate with the manufacturer, visit the factories in the different phases of production, almost daily communication with the customer.
Types: Product Design, Mechanical Design.

This service is aimed at European companies that are already established in China or are just starting out and do not have the possibility of finding a profile to represent them, sell their products or manage customs formalities. There are cases in which what is sought is to create a team with all these profiles for a new company headquarters in China.

From the Workplane Design office in Guangzhou, we are in charge of selecting the best candidates and after going through different interview filters, we present them to the client.

Once the candidate has been chosen by our client, we can hire him/her in China and he/she will work with the client (Outsourcing) or he/she will be hired directly by our client. (Headhunting)

For European companies with interests in China it is very complicated every time they have to travel to China for meetings, visits to trade fairs or different procedures, due to the Asian language and culture. Generally, travel time and internal routes are other drawbacks.

We can help you avoid these inconveniences!

From Workplane Design ‘s office in China, we make our expert staff in international trade available to European clients to facilitate their stay in business trips. We look for the best domestic and international flights, book the best hotels and tickets to fairs. We also offer the service of accompaniment to meetings and fairs. Our office staff is fluent in Chinese, English and Spanish.

China and Workplane Design

Since 2012 we have been committed to optimizing our business with China, and from there we decided to share our know-how to expand services and help other companies.

About our experience

When we decided to open up to other countries, the relationship with China came naturally, its experience in assembly and manufacturing has been consolidated over the years and it is undoubtedly a country to be taken into account.

In 2017, we decided to permanently establish an office in Guanghzou (China) to facilitate the procedures and business we already had there since 2012. As is well known, the best way to enter the Chinese market is to have a good local partner already established. In our case, one of the best: DAYE DESIGN GROUP. By then we knew that our name was a bit complicated to pronounce there and so we simplified with the acronym "WP" and added "Barcelona" to empathize with where we are from.

This greatly facilitated the contact with new clients, suppliers and manufacturers, the knowledge of the different promotion platforms and the requirements to carry out the legal procedures for trademark and company registration. This long road to the consolidation of our company with the WP brand in China, has given us a wide experience and knowledge that we can now offer as advice and help to European companies to follow the same path and achieve success.

How we did it

These were the key points
✓ Get a local and trusted partner.
Opening of a representative office in Guangzhou
✓ Adapting our trade name to the Chinese market Workplane Design -> WP similar sounding.
✓ Assigning one of our trusted Workplanners there.
✓ As of the impossibility to stay in China in 2020 due to the global pandemic, we started to keep as a fixed contact only members from China.
✓ We maintain almost daily contact with them. Getting ahead of your local festivities, etc.


Taking it one step at a time, the key is to follow the established plan and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

Western vision for Asian customers

Western vision is increasingly appreciated in China, we participated in the design of the JOUG brand, a bridge between cultures.


Don’t make it difficult for them

Our Chinese pronunciation is not good, and the other way around is the same. That is why we decided, like many other companies, to simplify our name from Workplane Design to WP Barcelona and to adopt red as it is a color that is considered “lucky”.


Guangzhou Office

Having your own office brings many advantages, such as not having to be aware of the time change, the proximity to customers or the ease of factory supervision work.

Hong Kong Business Design Week

The BCD organization encouraged us to participate in the HK Business Design Week, being part of the group of design companies in Barcelona. Which was the invited city for that event. Very different from the Canton Fair but also interesting.

Having an ally helps

The collaboration with Daye arose after visiting their offices, we were pleasantly surprised by their hospitality as well as the quality of their designs and their willingness to open up to the world.
We have no doubt that it would be a great partnership

Exhibitors at the Canton Fair (Guangzhou)

The Canton Fair is the pinnacle of international trade events, with an impressive history and staggering scale. With a wide range of products, it attracts buyers from all over the world and has generated great business in China.

The enormous size and scope of the Canton Fair is a biannual event for almost everything that imports and exports with China. More than 25,000 exhibitors come from all over the world to attend this twice-yearly market in Guangzhou that has been held since 1957!

Knowing its importance, in 2013 we wanted to bet on this great platform, where the following years we continued to attend in shared spaces.

Being without being

Our business trips facilitated the procedures to hire “The Trade and Investment Office of Catalonia ACCIÓ” in Beijing, directed by Gao Wei. Trained in diplomacy and business services, which offered us a comfortable virtual office, serving Chinese clients from Beijing, as well as its translation service and commercial assistance. And we continue to count on them when the occasion calls for it.

Stepping out of the comfort zone

The economic crisis that affected Spain that year prompted us, like many other companies, to leave our comfort zone and undertake a series of commercial trips in order to offer our services to the international market. Europe, the United Arab Emirates and Asia were the trips we made in order to expand our commercial network and learn more about the needs they might have abroad.

Some of our clients

And now we can help your company!

At Workplane Design we offer you our services according to your needs. We help companies in sectors as diverse as cosmetics, wine, IT, services, food, engineering and others in contact with distribution, marketing, e-commerce, stock and warehouse management, trademark and company registrations/customs, and factories in China.

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