A hot, hot project...

Teka Group achieved the objectives set.

The development of the Steak Master oven was a multidisciplinary challenge in which, working together with the Teka Group team, the objectives set were achieved. In 2021 this effort was rewarded with several international awards:

About the project

Here is some (unclassified) information on this work

Steak Master Oven

Graphic Design of the Steak Master Oven

The New Two-Face Grill

Josep with the prototype of the new grill.

Testing with the Chefs

Testing day with chefs Fernando Canales Etxanobe and Mikel Población

New UI

Screen Interficies

New interface tailored to the new furnace functions

Prototype Grill

The new grill had to have a dual function and withstand the high temperatures reached by the oven.

The project

Workplaners in:

  • To make a proposal of special kitchen tongs for this oven.
  • Designing a new grill different from the conventional ones and able to withstand the 700° that the Steak Master can reach, proposals were made to manufacture with steel by laser cutting and others in double-sided cast iron and versions in one or two pieces, the final option selected was the one piece and in cast iron giving the “touch of marking” so characteristic of conventional barbecues.
  • Plate design to cover the front of the resistor and prevent accidents.

In the area of UX and interaction design we were faced with the challenge of making a prototype of screens taking into account that the screen was not tactile and the navigation is done with the controls on the right and left. new functionality never seen before in the domestic oven market and we had to avoid as much as possible the possible errors of use and to ensure satisfaction with the product and obviously an optimal baking result.

In visual design, the new iconography had to be integrated into the existing interface with the rest of the oven, with the technical limitation of only being able to use 4 colors on the screen at the same time. which also affected the screen for accessing the new function.

The graphic differentiation for when the product is displayed in the store along with other ovens, we worked on the Steak Master functionality to have its own logo added to the door to connote that it is not a conventional Teka oven.

Product Videos

These are some of the videos about the Steak Master oven

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