Achieve the best results by learning collectively along the way

Teamwork is a process in which different people contribute their skills, knowledge and time to achieve goals together. If all the resources provided are properly coordinated, the results are much higher than teams that do not work in this way.

Company directors and senior managers are fond of teamwork for a simple reason: because when it works, it works very well.

An effective work team has:

● Shared leadership
● The coordinator/moderator allows the leadership role to be exercised by the entire team.
● Commitment and participation
● The team is confident in its ability to do what needs to be done and everyone feels responsible.
● Individual at the service of the team
● Individual skills are at the service of the team. In an effective work team, both individual and team successes are recognized.
● Pride of belonging
● Members are proud to belong to the team.
● Members are satisfied with the way the team works.
● Supportive environment
● Positive relationship model. The supportive environment encourages members to share information that is understood as a common good. The appearance of suggestions, comments, ideas or criticisms occurs easily.
● Accepted and assumed objectives
● In an effective work team, everyone is clear about the work that needs to be done.
● Known and shared working method

The work method is quickly modified and adapted to the specific needs of the team for the development of its activities.

People identify with specific groups that are perceived as very different from others. This identification gives us security, self-esteem and satisfaction.

Company directors and senior managers use teamwork for one simple reason: because when it works, it works very well.

We can define the differences between group and team as:

● Group
It is a group of people who interact, influence each other and perceive themselves as members of the group.

● Equipment
In addition to being a group, they are a group of people who actively cooperate to achieve the same objective or purpose.

Definition of effective team
It is not easy to have the characteristics that will make our group of collaborators an effective team, hence the importance of having the keys to achieve it.

An effective work team is a group of people with a high level of energy, committed to achieving common goals, who work well together and enjoy doing so, producing high quality results.

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