Pass us the ball!

Project management, mechanical engineering, draughtsmen... we can do it!

In Workplane we have been carrying out projects of all kinds for more than 10 years, with multinationals such as HP, TEKA, MIDEA, SIMON, but also with SMEs such as KEITO, ITV, S&P, Cashkeeper, among others... Size doesn't matter when starting a collaboration!

We specialize in making the product achievable, from conceptualization to manufacturing. Although we mainly have mechanical engineers, we also have other types of profiles such as industrial engineers, technicians, draughtsmen, project managers, process control, etc.

Global and reliable solutions

The key to be able to collaborate with something as valuable for each company as its products (its "children") is our rigor and seriousness.

After defining the scope of the project, we proceed to sign a confidentiality clause and assign a contact person or project manager, his team and the programs to be used or mastered so that the integration with the contracting company is perfect.

Our scope includes virtual simulation programs such as Ces Selector, for the selection of materials or the graphic analysis of material properties, to enable us to make innovative proposals based on evolution, optimizing development, suppliers, circular economy, identification and implementation of measures to improve performance, optimization of tests and product cost-capacity methods.

We adapt to your needs.

Go for outsourcing!

As support to your Technical Office or for the realization of a specific project, as soon as the request is formalized, we send specialists to your facilities to collaborate in the development in a closer and more personalized way. Or we carry out the project from our office in Barcelona, all with a quick response in the execution.

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