Adapting to great needs

With them we started to offer outsourcing services in the company, they have been a key factor for us.
in the growth of Workplane Design.

Some of these projects have won awards. Despite not appearing in the credits, we feel satisfied to have been part of the great team behind each printer.

More than 10 years of collaboration

In 2005, Workplane Design started with a great client: the multinational company HP, at its headquarters in Sant Cugat (Barcelona). For more than 10 years HP was our main customer with whom we grew and expanded services. In these years, more than 60 people, of many nationalities and without gender discrimination, have been hired by Workplane Design to work at Hewlett-Packard Sant Cugat (Barcelona) as external workers. We are happy that some of them are still there now as HP employees.

The key to collaborating with large companies is our seriousness and assigning the most appropriate personnel to each project, understanding the needs and stress that managers face on a daily basis to achieve global objectives.

Our largest product development team

Our staff there has been very broad, the most prominent positions:

- Project Managers
- Industrial designers
- Mechanical Engineer
- Visual Designers (Visual Communication)
- Interaction Designers
- UX Designers
- User Experience Testing Experts
- Expert in Ethnological Research
- Production supervision in China

We can be proud that many of the people currently on HP's payroll started out as Workplaners!

The North American multinational HP established itself in Catalonia in 1985 in a workshop in Terrassa where it manufactured graphic plotters. When the space became too small, in 1990 the directors chose the current location in Sant Cugat (Barcelona), where some 2,300 workers (on staff and external with the Outsourcing system), work with the bases of innovation, ambition and talent.

This HP headquarters in Sant Cugat. It was our main client since 2005 and with whom we grew by expanding services as they were requested from the Customer Experience, Engineering and Marketing departments.

Other projects

Operator Workstation

Facilitating digital printing A specific piece of furniture for the pre-printing environment The project in this case was the realization

Boat lift

Comfort on the High Seas Our hydraulic lift for recreational yachts Facilitating access from the water to the yacht. Conceptualization