Our mixing and serving aids

Creation of assemblies and individual products on demand.

Cooking it as a team

As with any project, the key is to work as a team, knowing the client's opinion and contributing our experience and skills.

Work Performed

Samples of the designs made for YJ and Teka.

Kitchen tongs for Teka Group

These concepts were created at the request of the company Teka, to complement the Steak Master project, being a gift for the buyers of the high-end version of this oven.

Created for:

In these projects our collaboration was in the field of Industrial Design.

The Teka Group is a multinational company founded in Germany in 1924 and dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of kitchen products. It specializes in sinks, extractor hoods, cooktops and ovens. The group has 14 plants in Europe, America and Asia and markets its products in 116 countries.

Yang Jiang Home Ease Household Products Co. Ltd is a prestigious Chinese company established in China in 2017 as a manufacturer and exporter of barbecue accessories, cookware and appliances.

All its products are for export under many brands in the world.

If your company has similar needs, do not hesitate to contact us!

Other projects

Operator Workstation

Facilitating digital printing A specific piece of furniture for the pre-printing environment The project in this case was the realization


The project was done for the Chinese market where noble materials such as wood are more highly appreciated than other alternative materials in furniture.

The set includes: Double bed with convenient draws underneath, nightstands, a hanger, a bookshelf, and wardrobe with 4 compartments with drawers and a circular central mirror that gives its name to the collection


Be there when you need to be there. Cashkeeper is one of those companies that are a pleasure to work with, with very clear ideas but also open to new proposals.