Colour comes to domestic robots

A very clean and fast project, completed in only three weeks.

Good accessories do not stand out among the decoration, but are integrated into the life of the home, providing order and well-being. Workplane Design's proposals are characterized by their timelessness.

Domestic robots have a different colour.

We worked on different variants, these are the two that were finally chosen;

Team and Client

Despite the fact that the manufacturing company is Chinese (the client wanted our European vision of design), this project was carried out entirely from our office in Workplane Design in Barcelona. We work with your M500 and T700 models;

The team involved was:
1- Project manager
2 - Industrial designer

Lefant Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on intelligent robot technology and products. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D and manufacturing;

Pastel Collection

In an increasingly technological world, pastel colours blend seamlessly into homes where neutral and Nordic styles predominate.

Final product

Red is always a safe bet in the Asian market, which is probably why it was chosen.


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