Be there when you need to be

Cashkeeper is one of those companies that are a pleasure to work with, with very clear ideas but also open to new proposals.

Since our first collaboration in 2017 we have been at their disposal for any of the projects in which they needed external reinforcement. Here is a sample of these collaborations:

The customer

Founded in 2011, Cashkeeper S.L. is a manufacturing company located in Calonge, (Girona) focused on providing solutions for cash management in stores. Its automated point-of-sale cashing devices for small and medium-sized customers looking for equipment tailored to their needs. They distribute their products worldwide and are committed to environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The Workplanners

These projects were carried out from our Barcelona office.

- Project Manager
- Industrial Designers
- Graphic designers

New corporate image

Renewing the brand image has a positive impact on the company's image.

INFARMA trade show booth design

A stand customized to the maximum for this very important fair of the pharmaceutical sector.

Other projects


The lighting sector is an area that we are passionate about, lamps of all kinds and product improvement projects. Do not hesitate to consult with us, because here we only show you a little bit.

Loading points

We have participated in projects for the design of charging points for land vehicles.

Swimming pool elevator

A pool lift is a device to assist people with reduced mobility to enter and exit the water. Currently, there are many aquatic therapies that take advantage of the change in gravity and the pressure received on joints and muscles to improve mobility and even help break the cycle of chronic pain.