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Illusion is the first step

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Having an overwhelming success on a Crowdfunding platform means the beginning of a new phase in the adventure of launching a new product to the market, adding expectation (and pressure). In this project we joined the team of the Valencian startup Dygma S.L., participating in the sections of mechanical engineering, solving small adjustments that were detected in the first versions of the functional prototype and also in factory accompaniment in China controlling the early stages of production, to ensure product quality and the optimal development of the final mass production.


The Workplane Design team is proud to have been able to participate in this project, contributing our grain of sand in the sections mentioned in this text.

Gamers already have their perfect keyboard: Dygma Raise Gaming Keyboard Pro, ergonomic, highly configurable and very colorful.

Workplaners in:

• Support to existing engineering.

• File correction.

• Solve problems that appear during the Pre-Production phases.

Having an office in Guangzhou (China) and almost daily communication allowed us to comfortably follow up this project. As in all of them, there were setbacks that were solved until the final objective was reached, which was the production of the first series of the product.

Manufacturing in China is an adventure

But... isn't it everywhere? The enthusiasm for bringing out the Dygma keyboard was contagious and made them confident that the legion of backers and sponsors they had gained from the crowdfunding platform would ward off potential competition willing to copy their product. A strong media campaign in PR to spread the word about their proposal and ensure copyright protection helped this confidence to be enough to complete the whole process successfully, learning from the mistakes for future keyboards to expand the product range.

Product Videos

Here are some of Dygma Lab's videos about this unusual keyboard.

Dygma Raise Presentation

Keyboard analysis

One year with Dygma Raise

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