Starting from zero and going all the way to the end

The Chinese company Augewei ordered a conventional style vacuum cleaner with a water tank from us.

Good accessories do not stand out among the decoration, but are integrated into the life of the home, providing order and well-being. Workplane Design's proposals are characterized by their timelessness.

In every design, there must be some differentiating feature that helps to attract the end customer to one product or another in the same range.

In this case, in this sled-type vacuum cleaner, the Augewei water filtration system has been equipped with simple and intuitive elements so that the user does not have to read the instruction manual and its translucent front tank allows checking the current water level without lifting the lid.

A global project

This is also a project that can be catalogued as an example of "end to end" service, as we have actively participated in all phases of its development: from the first sketch proposals, of which more than 20 proposals were delivered, and more realistic renders of the selected designs, production drawings, prototypes, corrections and also follow-up visits to the factory to ensure optimum production.

The equipment needed for this project:

Project Manager for design and follow-up in factory
Industrial designers of the Workplane Design team from Spain and China.

Other projects

Teka Hydroclean HL

The HYDROCLEAN HL840 project was the first project with which we collaborated with Teka.


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Loading points

We have participated in projects for the design of charging points for land vehicles.