Play with sound effects

An unusual gadget to attract the public

Winner of a 2019 IF Design Award. Magic Sound is an Audio Player and Sound Recorder, running more than 33 sounds. Its small size makes it ideal to take to all kinds of social events and have a good time adding fun sounds.

A start-up project

With this project for the Chinese client "Magic Sound", Workplane Design involved both teams: Barcelona (Spain) and Guangzhou (China) to provide the following services:

• Conceptualization
• Industrial design
• Logo design
• UX & UI
• Mechanical Engineering
• Project management for prototyping

Winner of an IF award

The award ceremony was held in the city of Munich (Germany) and was attended on behalf of the client by Workplane Design director Josep Casal and Nekane Sebastià, chief designer.

We are not "Ego Designers", since our goal is to do our best for our clients, but from time to time, the projects we participate in achieve more than expected, and that is always a great satisfaction. YOUR AWARD IS OUR PRIDE IN GOOD TEAMWORK.

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