Production support

Present at international level, their production must cover key points such as adaptability to different markets and a controlled and smooth manufacturing system.

Some of these projects have won awards. Despite not appearing in the credits, we feel satisfied to have been part of the great team behind each printer.

KEITO has stood out in the telemedicine sector since 1986 and continues to be a pioneer in advances in this sector, being present at national and international fairs.

As part of the team!

The trust generated in the first project, for their K8 in 2013, between the Keito and Workplane Design teams, led to continued collaboration working on new projects ever since, as an extension of their own company.

Since the K8, it has been followed by the K9, the K10 and the K10 carry the joint effort of both companies. We hope that soon the new K11 will have the green light and that we can start again with the same enthusiasm.

Team involved:

• Project Manager
• Industrial designers
• Visual Designers (Visual Communication)
• Follow-up

KEITO products can be found in more than 30,000 pharmacies and stores around the world, to which the extensive network of subsidiaries spread over 5 continents, ensure optimal maintenance and technical service, consolidating its leadership.

Other projects


The project was done for the Chinese market where noble materials such as wood are more highly appreciated than other alternative materials in furniture.

The set includes: Double bed with convenient draws underneath, nightstands, a hanger, a bookshelf, and wardrobe with 4 compartments with drawers and a circular central mirror that gives its name to the collection

Bathroom accessories

Good accessories do not stand out among the decoration and are integrated into the life of the home.

Swimming pool elevator

A pool lift is a device to assist people with reduced mobility to enter and exit the water. Currently, there are many aquatic therapies that take advantage of the change in gravity and the pressure received on joints and muscles to improve mobility and even help break the cycle of chronic pain.