For the loading of recreational boats

Electricity and water recharging turrets are a rather neglected element in marinas. At Workplane Design we create several proposals for your modernization.

Conceptual design of a provisioning tower controlled with a smartphone, tablet or PC. It has never been easier to control this process on ships.

Conceptualization and design

At Workplane Design we have developed concepts for the nautical sector.

Among the works carried out, the following stand out:

Conceptualization. Product design.

Developed by the Barcelona team and presented at various national and international boat shows. These projects serve as examples for similar projects.

Other projects

Boat lift

Comfort on the High Seas Our hydraulic lift for recreational yachts Facilitating access from the water to the yacht. Conceptualization

Faucets on demand

Grup Gamma’s need to expand its catalog with its own products led to this collaboration of product on demand in the development of a set of domestic faucets.


A set of projects for work tools developed by the Workplane Design teams from Barcelona and Guanghzou.