Comfort on the High Seas

Our hydraulic lift for recreational yachts

Facilitating access from the water to the yacht.

Conceptualization and engineering

Design of a hydraulic elevator for yachts.

The lift is designed for the elderly or people with mobility problems, but also to make the return on board more comfortable for recreational divers where air cylinders make the transition more difficult. It has grip zones and an anti-slip base.
It would be built with materials and finishes resistant to weather and sea water.
Easy and intuitive to use. It integrates perfectly into the environment of the boats.

The work performed included:

• Conceptualization.
• Product design.
• 3D renderings.

Developed entirely by the Barcelona team.

Other projects

Faucets on demand

Grup Gamma’s need to expand its catalog with its own products led to this collaboration of product on demand in the development of a set of domestic faucets.

RITUAL” furniture

  An elegant set for living room or bedroom The project was designed for the Chinese market, where noble materials