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For land vehicle recharging

Recovering the energy that plug-in vehicles need to operate is easy. The action is the same as when it comes to charging your cell phone: you take the cable, connect it to the device on one side and to the power supply on the other and wait. At Workplane Design we have conceptualized recharge towers, here you can see some examples:

Conceptualization and design

At Workplane Design we have participated in projects for the design of charging points for land vehicles.

The work performed included:

• Conceptualization.
• Product design.

Developed by the team in Barcelona and Guangzhou on different dates.

Conceptualization and design

Green or renewable energy is energy obtained from virtually inexhaustible natural sources, either because of the immense amount of energy they contain or because they are capable of regenerating themselves by natural means. From Workplane Design we are convinced that this is the energy that is best for our planet.

Our director, Josep Casal, is the expert on the subject, since he switched to electric motorcycles more than 5 years ago. And he explained that depending on the amount of power they can supply, there are different types of loads:

• Conventional recharge. It is the one carried out at home. The time and power depends on whether it is carried out from a specific charger or from a traditional plug (the "shuko"). The power usually ranges between 3.6 kW and 7.4 kW, depending on the charger and the contracted power.

• Fast recharge. This is offered by most public charging stations. The power is usually 50 kW in direct current.

• Ultra-fast recharge. Until relatively recently, ultrafast recharging was the one that offered power ratings of up to 150 kW. Today, 350 kW and even 400 kW electric recharging is possible on the market.

Other projects


Mini Speaker

With the premise to be small, portable, and attractive, Fortune Speaker was born, our cutest device!


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