The moon as a companion

The project was designed for the Chinese market, where noble materials such as wood are more appreciated than other alternative materials common in European furniture.

The design of the stool consists of a modular assembled piece, so that the structure is built in a firm and robust way.

Team and customer

The design of the stool is formed by a modular piece assembled in such a way that the structure is built in a firm and robust way.

Three options were presented for the table: Round low table. High table with the possibility of incorporating a turntable (very common in China) Rectangular table with glass or wooden table top.

Client: LandBond
Services: Product Design, Conceptualization, 3D Renders, Drawings.

Other projects

Outsourcing for HP

This HP headquarters in Sant Cugat (Barcelona), was our main customer since 2005 and with whom we grew by expanding services as they were requested from the Customer Experience, Engineering and Marketing departments.

Faucets on demand

Grup Gamma’s need to expand its catalog with its own products led to this collaboration of product on demand in the development of a set of domestic faucets.

Audio Streamer

Winner of an IF Design Award 2019. Magic Sound is an Audio Streamer that executes more than 33 sounds.