A convenient and efficient A0 plotter

An ideal plotter for architects, engineers and GIS work teams

For the development of this large format (36″) ink jet printer from Hewlett-Packard. From Workplane we provided outsourcing support to the internal department of industrial design and customer experience (interaction design, user testing, graphic design).

With an integrated output stacking tray, the HP Designjet T920 produces collated prints in seconds.

Some of these projects have won awards. Despite not appearing in the credits, we feel satisfied to have been part of the great team behind each printer.

Workplane Design and HP

The North American multinational HP established itself in Catalonia in 1985 in a workshop in Terrassa where it manufactured graphic plotters. When the space became too small, in 1990 the directors chose the current location in Sant Cugat (Barcelona), where some 2,300 workers (on staff and external with the Outsourcing system), work with the bases of innovation, ambition and talent.

This HP headquarters in Sant Cugat. Fue nuestro principal cliente desde 2005 y con el que crecimos ampliando servicios a medida que se solicitaban desde los departamentos de Customer Experience, Ingeniería, Marketing y

Our staff there has been very diverse, the most outstanding:

• Project Managers
• Industrial designers
• Mechanical Engineer
• Visual Designers (Visual Communication)
• Interaction Designers
• UX Designers
• User Experience Testing Experts
• Expert in Ethnological Research
• Production supervision in China

We can be proud that many of the employees currently on HP's payroll started out as Workplaners!

Other projects

Faucets on demand

Grup Gamma’s need to expand its catalog with its own products led to this collaboration of product on demand in the development of a set of domestic faucets.


A set of projects for work tools developed by the Workplane Design teams from Barcelona and Guanghzou.