Effortless drilling

With Easy Gres, drilling tiles no longer generates a risk of breakage.

The EASY GRES guide is a professional guiding system with water dosing tank for use with electro-positive wet cutting diamond bits. It allows the drill to drill holes both vertically and horizontally and adheres easily to any surface, thanks to its renewable adhesive system.

R&D in tools

Project developed by the Workplane Design team in Barcelona for the company Germans Boada for its commercial brand "Rubí". Other tooling projects for the expansion and modernization of its product portfolio were also carried out for them.

Other projects

Audio Streamer

Winner of an IF Design Award 2019. Magic Sound is an Audio Streamer that executes more than 33 sounds.


A set of projects for work tools developed by the Workplane Design teams from Barcelona and Guanghzou.


In this case, the project was to define a colour proposal to make our client’s robot hoover, Lefant, stand out among the options on the market.