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The year 2020 was a turning point in the global economy and companies have had to rethink their internal structures. It is the best time for Outsourcing.

In 2023 many companies opted to outsource design services,
engineering or processes. The reasons for this are explained at the bottom of the page.
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Our proposal

From Workplane Design we provide companies with highly qualified personnel without increasing fixed costs. We find the best professional to integrate into your company externally or as part of your staff.

8 Reasons to choose us:

more than 15 years of experience in Outsourcing, Headhunting and talent recruitment.

2. Our EXTENSIVE SPECIALIZED BB.DD. with different professional profiles.

3. WE ARE FASTER. First candidates in one week.

4. Flexibility and EXCLUSIVE DEDICATION.

5. Extensive KNOW-HOW in outsourcing for multinationals. We comply with the regulations and documentations to be authorized service providers.

6. Profiles in "RADAR MODE (We are on the alert for candidates that may fit you when they enter our BB.DD)

7. MANAGEMENT Capability and can assume the "visible face" of each project as PART OF THE TEAM.

8. OUTSTANDING COMPANIES in which we provide or have provided qualified personnel: HP, NTT Data (Everis), S&P, Simon lighting, Sidasa, among other lesser-known companies.

Outsourcing, the keys to a consolidated system

For years, large companies have opted for this option due to its viability and good results. But you don't have to be a multinational for this hiring system!

1. COST REDUCTION in personnel management.

2. Ability to discover NEW NEEDS and VIEWPOINTS

3. Cost conversion FIXED to VARIABLE

4. RELIEVING EMPLOYEES ON STAFF in ancillary activities.

5. FLEXIBILITY in the contracted service.

6. EXPERT STAFF in the subcontracted tasks or services.

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