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Using this large market to your advantage is a business strategy worth considering.

8 reasons why it's worth it:

1. The prices are adjusted by you, based on your specifications and standards.

2. Huge variety of products and manufacturers.

3. China is self-sufficient in raw materials components, parts and pieces so you won't have a cost overrun.

High stability of its productions The Chinese domestic market is huge, has high consumption trends and its factories will always be active.

5. China is increasingly following Western aesthetic and consumer trends. so your product could be a good fit.

6. Adjusted prices. It remains one of the cheapest labor in the world.

7. Most prestigious brands still manufacture in China. so your product benefits from this transfer of technology and knowledge.

8. Facilities for the export.

Workplane Design as allies

In China, more than 90% of online sales are already made through Marketplaces, if your focus is the Chinese market you must plan the strategy and we can be the support to help you achieve it.

Services we can offer you

  • Accompaniment with Chinese-Spanish interpreter
  • Search for suppliers or partners
  • Brokerage for export to China
  • Production follow-up, prototypes, quality testing.

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