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Workplane & Cashkeeper

Another fruitful cooperation. This time workplaners have provided services to Cashkeeper. The key objective was to create a new line of product and provide a satisfying answer to the previously received customer feedback.

Meeting with CashKeeper

The company was striving for a complete visual transformation – cutting all the strings with the design tendencies of their past product ranges. Luckily, we keep our eyes open for a new trends and possibilities to satisfy such needs. Trust and efficient communication is the key.

Cashkeeper Products2

So, what exactly stands behind Cashkeeper’s products?

The product or rather products can be described as a set of metallic containers with the main function of collecting cash and returning a correct change while making sure that potential fake notes are not accepted.

Cashkeeper engineering Mac
Product investigation2

The vision embodied

The early concepts have arisen and yet another factor may just become clear to you. The system needed to be modular, so that the users are able to combine its sections by deciding what elements are essential and how it should be arranged. Adaptability and appealing appearance was crucial in both specific and holistic aspects of the design process.

Concepts cashkeeper
EDrawing Cashkeeper
*Sizes are randomly generated just for representational purposes.

Changes bring more changes…

With the logo, completely erasing the “core values” of the current trademark was not an option. So, the renewed version still manifests the fundamental concepts of Security and Money.

Cashkeeper Logos2

Another words, we have given a little bit of a nod to the essence of what is the product itself, while generating different options for the logos. So metaphorically speaking, the orange element keeps the green “K” in a secure “captivity”.

Logo + Logotype5

Due to the modular nature of the system we have found an area of opportunity for not only designing a fully equipped logo, but also a basic logotype. The practical reason is that each physically separated “container” can be subtly branded with the logotype, rather than being marked with four repetitions of the full logo. The logotype still provides an instant recognition.

The final design

We do not have a specific house style, we design to the needs of the client and CK+ALU is a baby of such process. Cashkeeper has brought the need and we have developed a perfect solution.
Render blac y Detales

One of the leading thoughts was to make sure that people comfortably approach it without being immediately confused or scared – importance of clarity and understanding.

Render black

Context cashkeeper

Thanks to the great cooperation, the product has already won its customers who can benefit from its elegancy and functionality.

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