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Steak Master Oven by Teka

The product: An oven for the domestic market with the functionality of a professional barbecue in addition to the normal functions of a mid-high range oven. In this case Workplane Design participated with: Industrial Design, Graphic Design, User Experience Design (UX), Interface Design.

And as with the icebergs, all the work done is not seen but it is essential:

On the part of the industrial design there were the orders to: make a proposal of special kitchen tongs for this oven, and design a new grill different from the conventional ones and suitable to resist the 700 ° that reaches the Steak Master, proposals were made to manufacture with steel by laser cut and others in double-sided cast iron and versions in one or two pieces, the final option selected was that of one piece and in cast iron giving the “fire marking” So characteristic of a conventional BBQ.


In the field of UX design and interaction we find the replica of making a prototype of screens taking into account the screen was not touch and navigation is done with the controls on the right and left, guide very well to the user in this new functionality never seen before in the market of the domestic oven and we had to solve to the maximum the possible errors of use and to guarantee the satisfaction with the product and obviously an optimal cooking result.


In visual design the new iconography should be integrated into the existing interface with the rest of the oven, with the technical limitation of only being able to use 4 colors on the screen at a time. which also affected the screen to access the new function.


The graphic differentiation for when the product is displayed in store together with other ovens, it was worked that the Steak Master functionality had its own logo added to the door to connote that is not a conventional Teka oven

steak master oven
Both to take into account the requirements of the grid and the interaction of the user, we attended the first contact of the prototype with real users, in this case the Chefs invited by Teka: Fernando Canales Etxanobe and Mikel population, and we made a video summary for internal use of Teka.


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