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The companies Workplane Design and Amazon have in common, the desire to adapt to the needs of customers, and offer solutions to achieve the objectives and client satisfaction. In this case Amazon has surpassed itself offering the delivery at home even if you are not at home.

We all agree that the perfect distance purchase is the one that involves less effort for the consumer: direct transport to the home. But everyday life makes this more complicated than it seems, because no one likes to have to watch the deliveryman arrive. For what Amazon proposes to solve with an electronic lock, the Amazon Key Free installation with 1080p HD security camera to allow Amazon Prime members to give access to their homes to service providers, package delivery, or to family and trusted people.

Amazon home delivery Amazon home delivery [/ caption]

Cloud Cam and Amazon Key, integrates with Alexa and, and when you buy something on their website, you must select “free delivery at home” at the time of payment, and the day the package is coming you will receive a notice before delivery. Then, Amazon will authorize the order and unlock your door, and you will be able to see live delivery on the Amazon Key app, or watch a video later. Once the delivery is complete, you will be notified once more, and they will re-lock the smart lock on your door. And while Amazon has gone to some lengths to minimize the creepiness of a definitionally invasive service, it still forces potential enlistees to consider just what kind of trade-offs they’re willing to make in the name of convenience.

This innovative service will be launched Nov. 8 in 37 US cities, and will run with a basic subscription service, expandable if you want additional features such as people detection, cloud storage and the ability to use up to 10 cameras.
Depending on the pilot experience you will see if it applies to other countries.

You can see a sample of how it works and its guarantee of security in this video.

As we have said, in Workplane we are aware of how innovation in services can improve supplier-customer relationship, so if you are interested in knowing how we could be the reinforcement your company needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

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