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Advantages of manufacturing in China

Although they say that manufacturing in China is no longer “what it was” there are still advantages over doing so in other countries .

Here are 8 reasons:

  1. Prices are adjusted by you, based on your specifications and standards.
  2. Huge variety of products and manufacturers .
  3. China is enough self in raw materials , components, parts and pieces so you won’t have a cost surcharge.
  4. Great stability of your productions . The Chinese domestic market is huge, has high consumption trends and its factories will always be active.
  5. The Chinese domestic market is increasing Western trends in aesthetics and tastes, so it is increasingly common to find similarities in the needs and specifications of your market.
  6. It remains one of the cheapest labor in the world.
  7. There are still a majority of the recognized and prestigious brands that manufacture in China so your product benefits from this transfer of technology and knowledge.
  8. Export facilities .

If you want to start manufacturing in China, you can talk to Workplane to learn more about our support services, vendor search and outsourcing.

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