OUR SERVICES, made for your NEEDS

Nowadays, our services have become tailor made for your company and we can provide not only a design team but outsourcing profiles, production monitoring in China and even headhunting.

Outsourcing will increase your company’s productivity and quality standards. One of its key points is that subcontracting converts fixed costs into variables, you will see others below this lines.

Choosing a quality partner as Workplane + your qualified workforce = success in the outsourced process

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Our ways to enforce your company

Outsourcing means to contract an external company for all or a part of the functional areas of business. Whether in the same company “desk to desk” or remotely, but always in constant communication to be aligned which is crucial on B2B services.

If you wonder… What are the benefits for my company?


• Efficiency

• Daily results

• Optimization of business processes

• Reducing personnel costs

• Reduced costs of supervision of outsourced areas

• Increased tranquility in the delivery of outsourced work

• Ability to learn new needs and points of views

• Convers fixed costs into variable

• Relief your workers on the payroll as higher productivity gains in ancillary activities

• Flexibility

• Reduction of office space in the case of remote outsourcing

Provide specific profiles to your team!

Our profiles include:

  • Designers:
    • Industrial/Product/Conceptualization
    • Graphics / visuals / interfaces /
    • illustrators
    • Interaction, User Experience (UX), Information Architects (IA)
  • Mechanical Engineering and Draughtsmen
  • Project Management in Spain or China
  • Market research and ethnographic research
  • Expert in internal / external communication, online services
  • Professionals from other fields

Finding the perfect one:
The process of selecting personnel to be hired by your company is tedious, we know, and for that reason we present our headhunting service.

why pick out on us?:

Our commitment to deliver candidates in 1 week
Without exclusivity
Pay only if you find the right person for your company, otherwise Workplane Design assumes all the costs of the process.
Always the same interlocutor, you will be assigned one of our consultants who will adapt to your preferences, opinions or feedback to find the most appropriate candidate

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We know that you got a project in your mind...

Get the results you are looking for to start or finish that project, expanding the team you already have involved, in Workplane Design we can help you by offering our Outsourcing services, in your own company or from our offices in Barcelona or Guangzhou, as well as the punctual service of Headhunting.