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Our Office In China

Workplane Design opened an office in Guangzhou (China). This decision was taken for mainly 2 reasons:

1. Services for Western companies who deal with China on manufacturing their products

As nowadays, there is a connection between manufacturing and innovation, that innovation comes from having the engineers and designers close to manufacturing and these groups all working together. China is well known for doing a wonderful job of manufacturing products originally invented elsewhere but only as far as there is a close follow up or maybe the result and the expectations just will just not match.


This is one of our aims in China, to offer western Companies an extra-support in their R&D department and Chinese production. Saving you time, money and misunderstoods.


2. Services for Chinese companies who wants their products to be western oriented designed

Chinese companies are keen to make products that can be sold in markets other than Asia, so we offer advice on conceptualization in designs, and engineering.


The WP Guangzhou is operating under the watchful eye of its local design manager: Manuel Tavora.


Before that, in 2016 Daye put his logo in the main entrance of his studio, thus strengthening the collaboration between both companies.

Worplane & Daye

Josep and Fran at Daye

If you have production in China? In Workplane we can offer you: Track your projects and / or design. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested. And if you go to Guangzhou, do not hesitate to stop by to say hello!

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