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Is innovation the key to success?

For years the word “innovation” it seemed the sure bet to achieve success, but sometimes gets mistaken with “creativity” and those are different concepts.

Sometimes these terms are confused, let’s clarify some of these concepts:

Creativity is the ability to invent or create without necessarily contributing to something practical. It could be a methodology, something artistic or simply an unusual way of doing something. Creativity can meet personal or group desires faster, simple, efficient or economical.

Innovation also involves creating but is based on connecting things differently than has been done and get positive results

To innovate value must be added, sometimes gets so successfully that a disruptive innovation is produced, which causes a change in the scope of which has left (product or business model) from which there is no turning back.

Examples of disruptive innovation:

  • Road bicycle > Mountain Bike
  • Parking Amsterdam (Chaos) > Parking Amsterdam (order)
  • Public Bicycle city service> innovation in the mobility business model in cities
  • Potato Chip bag > Pringles ( new model of packaging)
  • Mobile > Smartphone
  • traditional Camera > digital Camera
  • Post it > a product that did not exist
  • Maps > GPS


Generally, disruptive technologies can be classified as technologies of lower end and new technologies market. An innovation of new-market is usually thrown into the so called markets of non-consumption, where customers begin to use a product or service that previously didn´t used to (eg. GPS systems), or thanks to the accessibility provided by the new technology users who do not have access to a product (development of mass production in the automotive industry), or decentralization of the location of a service (ie. fixed versus mobile).

For innovation, we must observe the world, broaden horizons, see what is, what is being done, think outside “the box” as the key to find new perspectives.

As an example, in the 70s Barcelona had the best typewriter´s company in the world, personal computers were slowly breaking in the world market, but this company was still with their product. They kept improving their typewriters instead of innovating, creating still typewriters instead of looking for new technologies, and when PCs, and later laptops arrived, it was already too late.

Another example would be the world famous company NOKIA that innovated at the beginning, but then it rest on their laurels and missed the podium occupied.


“If you want to go quickly, go by yourself. If you want to go far, go in group – African proverb “.

Cooperation with external professionals has a key role. Open innovation is combining internal knowledge with external knowledge to move forward strategy projects and R & D.

Sometimes we are not able to move forward a project, but with the collaboration of other professionals outside our company we can manage it.

We must seek partners to help us develop the idea together. COOPERATION.

Sharing knowledge is essential.

Some associations of undertakings which might seem to have nothing to do together have been associated in joinVentures that have provided value to both of them.


  • 1 Skoda + Imaginarium = backpack
  • 2 Cocacola + Doctors Without borders = Effective distribution of medicines in Africa
  • 3 Sant Joan de Deu + Miquel Rius (Spanish Brand of stationery) = Ergonomic backpacks for children


This are concepts that are increasingly more linked to business world and are opening a world of possibilities for companies to design new services and products.

This are concepts that are increasingly more linked to business world and are opening a world of possibilities for companies to design new services and products.

Every interaction adds to the ultimate customer experience, and for that reason the more information and different points of view we have, the more approached we will get to successfully design services that our client really need.

Innovative culture is achieved by raising awareness and involving the whole team. Explaining to them what is to innovate, and giving them voice to propose things and achieve mutual progress.

No longer act like an orchestra, but a jazz band, in which everyone has it’s time. We are all important.

For innovation is basic:


AND have a goal that involves::


In short: to innovate we need to have the culture of CO: Co-creating and co-labor and reach, together, where previously nobody had come bringing something useful for everyone.

So if you ask me if innovation is really the key to success in the industry of the XXI century?
Sure! And if you want to achieve 😉

Sources: Wikipedia and notes taken from the conference “Creating an innovative culture” by Dr. Jaume Pérez Payarols, Director of the Department of Innovation Hospital Sant Joan de Deu (Barcelona, Spain)

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