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Getting other companies into the chinese market

Collaboration service with European companies that want to enter the Chinese market

Workplane Design opened an office in Guanghzou (China) six years ago entering the Chinese market, it was done by a Chinese partner. This facilitated contact with potential customers, suppliers and manufacturers, knowledge of the different promotion platforms and the requirements to carry out the legal procedures of trademark and company registrations. This long road to the consolidation of our company with the WP brand in China has given Workplane Design extensive experience and knowledge. For a year, Workplane Design has helped new European companies to travel the same path, until their success.


Workplane Design Office in Guangzhou (China)

Workplane Design offers different types of services according to the needs of each company, depending on the sector and its interests in China. That is why, from the offices of Barcelona and Guanghzou, Workplane Design carefully studies each case to offer the service that best suits the objectives set.


In the last year, Workplane Design has contacted numerous European companies in sectors as diverse as cosmetic, wine, information technology, services, food, engineering and others, with distribution, marketing, e-commerce, stock management and warehouses, trademark and company registrations, tariff processing and factories in China. During this process, several options have been sought and presented to the European client, the ones that best fit their needs.

In other cases, according to the requirements of the European company, Headhunting and Outsourcing services have been carried out from the Workplane Design office in Guanghzou. These are customers who need a commercial, a representative or an international trade agent, to directly manage the interests of the company in China.

The Workplane Design team at the Guanghzou office also visits fairs in the sector representing the European client and accompanying, translation, paperwork and visa and flight management.

The services offered by Workplane Design for European companies that want to enter the Chinese market are the following:

  • Introduction to the Chinese market
  • Consulting services on manufacturing and suppliers research
  • Headhunting and Outsourcing
  • Representation, support and translation service

WP_meeting1. Introduction to the Chinese market

Workplane Design is offering this service for European companies that want to sell their product or brand in China. The experience and knowledge of the Chinese market, allows us to analyze each case depending on the sector and characteristics of the company, in order to show the best options for success. We are looking for partners who are interested in the product or company to create an association and thus facilitate entry. We contact distribution companies that handle customs procedures and stock storage. These services can be Cross Border or within the country, according to the needs and requirements of the European client. We also make available to the European customer different companies that will be responsible for online or offline sales, product marketing and e-commerce management, essential in the current Chinese market.

2. Product manufacturing in China

Nowadays it is still worth manufacturing in China, where the key to success is monitoring and that engineers and designers should have close to manufacturing. China is well known for doing a good job in assembling and manufacturing products originally thought of elsewhere, but only if there is a close follow-up the result and expectations will succeed. In Workplane Design we have experience offering the factory tracking service. All our European customers have successfully launched their product worldwide, produced in China under our supervision. We have contacts with the best manufacturers in China in different sectors. We carry out an exhaustive monitoring of the manufacture of the product from the mold to final production. We negotiate with the manufacturer, we visit the factories in the different phases of production, always in continuous communication with the customer.

3. Headhunting and Outsourcing Services

This service is aimed at European companies that are already installed in China or are starting and do not have the possibility to find a profile that can represent them, sell their products or manage customs procedures. There are cases in which it is sought to create a team with all these profiles for a new company headquarters in China. From the Workplane Design office in Guanghzou we take care of selecting the best candidates and after going through different interview filters, present them to the client. Once the candidate has been chosen by the European company, we can hire him in China and he goes to work with the client (Outsourcing) or is hired directly by the European company (Headhunting)

4. Representation, support and translation services

For European companies that have interests in China, it is very complicated every time they have to travel to China for meetings, visits to fairs or different arrangements, due to the language and Asian culture. Generally, travel time and internal journeys are another inconvenience. From the Workplane Design office in China, we make available to our European client, our expert staff in international trade, to facilitate your business trip. We look for the best flights both internal and international, we reserve the best hotels and tickets to fairs. We also offer the service of accompaniment to meetings and fairs. Our office staff speaks Chinese, English and Spanish languages.


If you believe that any of these services may be of interest to your company, do not hesitate to contact us!!

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