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Gamma Group and Workplane Design introducing PLANO FAUCETS

It is always a satisfaction when a project in which the whole team has been enthusiastic reaches the market, we’re glad to introduce PLANO the result of a close collaboration between GRUP GAMMA and the WORKPLANE DESIGN TEAM.

GROUP GAMMA  proposed to us the realization of a complete bathroom taps serie, which it had to stand out for its current, unique and original style, without neglecting the functionality and viability of its manufacturing. Maintaining its spirit of affordable prices to make design products accessible to everyone.
It must also be noted the importance of being able to adapt to the new user needs such as the aim of energy saving. In this case, all the pieces in this collection have a special class 2 water cartridge. It is an ecological system that, apart from helping to save energy, lengthens the useful life of the heater and takes care of the environment with the cold opening by default. (Normally, the taps are operated with the handle in the central position, the water comes out lukewarm and activates the boiler. Thanks to the system of this cartridge, when operating the handle in the central position the water comes out cold and we avoid turning on the heater unless that we really need it.)

This is a project that we can classify as a clear example of an “end to end” service. As we have actively participated in all phases of its development: from the first proposals in sketches, and more realistic renderings of the selected designs, production plans, prototypes , corrections and also follow-up visits to the factory to ensure optimal manufacturing.


Deciding styles, presenting proposals


Checking styles

In every product, there must be some differential feature that makes the end customer, decide towards one product or another from the same range.

In this case, our bathtub-shower faucet incorporates an innovative functionality that gives it a minimalist and practical design:
The spout to fill the bathtub is used, at the same time, as a diverter to choose where the water will come out, which allows it to be hidden when you use it as a shower, minimizing the risk of possible knocks.


Bath&Shower tap

In order to adapt to the needs of end customers, the PLANO series is very complete as it is made up of three sizes of taps: SmallXL y de high spout  and it’s matching variants to th bidé, the shower and a bathtube-shower.

The bathroom taps, in addition to being available in chrome, can also be purchased in matt black a color that is imposing itself with force during this year and that given its elegance will surely remain for decades in bathroom designs.

en color negro

3 versions for the sink

inox model

White prototype

From here we want to thank GRUP GAMMA for the trust placed in us, and we hope that the PLANO series has a warm welcome in the market, by end customers, as this collection was made with them in mind.


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