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Our story

Founded in 2005 by Josep Casal (CEO & owner), Workplane Design was born to solve the needs of the multinational HP, for its headquarters in Sant Cugat (Barcelona). And for more than 10 years this has been our main client with which we grew and expanded services as they requested them.  In 2017 we remain “HP Approved Supplier” and we have opened an office in Guanghzou to help companies to launch their products in China. We count on the help of a very good considered company there Daye Design, awarded many times for the international prices such as IF and Red Dot.

Apart from HP, we have developed projects from very diverse industrial sectors: household appliances, consumer electronics, tools and industrial machinery, lighting, furniture and bathroom.

We are known for offering solutions, innovative and industrially viable designs, making continuous monitoring of all phases until their launch. See examples of our works.

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Get the results you are looking for to start or finish that project, expanding the team you already have involved, in Workplane Design we can help you by offering our Outsourcing services, in your own company or from our offices in Barcelona or Guangzhou, as well as the punctual service of Headhunting.



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