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Workplane’s Engineering Solutions

Our engineering department specializes in mechanical engineering, the discipline that deals with the aspects of manufacturing a product. From its conceptualization to its production. Although we also have profiles of draughtsmen and designers, technical engineers …


Full service Solutions

The key to being able to collaborate with something as valuable for each company as their products (their “children”) is our rigor, and seriousness, signing before each project a confidentiality clause and assigning to each project the most appropriate personnel, the master the usual tools of the sector for CAD design, such as AutoCad, CATIA, PTC Creo, Solidworks, Unigraphics, Labview or Siemens Nx… As well as knowing virtual simulation programs such as the Ces Selector, for the selection of materials and the graphic analysis of the properties of the materials to allow us to make proposals to innovate from the evolution, identify solutions quickly to material problems, confirm and validate The choice of materials, reduction of material and development costs, identification and realization of measures to improve performance, optimization of tests and cost-capacity methods of the product.
and obviously a high qualification in mechanics, electronics, all kinds of materials, molds, prototyping, and methods of construction and the industrialization process.


Go for Outsourcing!

In support of your Technical Office or to carry out a specific project, we send as soon as the request has been formalized, specialists to your facilities to collaborate in the development of a closer and more personalized way. Or we carry out the project from our Barcelona office, all with a quick response in the execution.


At Workplane we have been carrying out projects of all kinds for more than 10 years, with multinational companies such as HP, TEKA, MIDEA, SIMON, but also with smaller companies such as KEITO, ITV, S & P, whatever your company may be we can start a collaboration.

Contact us and we talk about it!