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Our Office In China

In standard16th November, 2017 Our Office In China

Workplane Design opened an office in Guangzhou (China). This decision was taken for mainly 2 reasons: 1. Services for Western companies who deal with China on manufacturing their products As nowadays, there is a connection between manufacturing and innovation, that innovation comes from having the engineers and designers close to manufacturing and these groups all


Service adaptation

In standard16th November, 2017 Service adaptation

The companies Workplane Design and Amazon have in common, the desire to adapt to the needs of customers, and offer solutions to achieve the objectives and client satisfaction. In this case Amazon has surpassed itself offering the delivery at home even if you are not at home. We all agree that the perfect distance purchase



In standard22nd September, 2017 Workplaners

The Team-Work makes the DREAM WORK. Here you have a short video with some of our Workplaners to get you know us a bit better.


Tool makers

In standard21st September, 2016 Tool makers

Since the stone age we humans have been obsessed on making tools, so here you have a short video with some examples of the ones we have participated on, make life “easier to build”


Josep Casal visits China again

In standard29th August, 2016 Josep Casal visits China again

The week of July 18th, 2016, the director of Workplane Design, Mr. Josep Casal, visited China again toghether with other members of the Barcelona’s team. His first visit to this country was in 2001 and after that has already been at least five times for reasons of cooperation between companies or business misions. This time,


Emerging Jieyang 2016

In standard17th June, 2016 Emerging Jieyang 2016

From June the 5th to 8th 2016, our “Workplaner” Eduardo Garcia, joined “Emerging Jieyang” an international trade mission to the city of Jieyang (Guangdong, China) , along with 50 other Spanish companies and other 80 mainly German. The atmosphere all the time was very friendly and well organized by Emergia Partners. Jieyang’s City developing fast


Daye Design , Friends and Collaboration

In standard19th April, 2016 Daye Design , Friends and Collaboration

There is a saying that prays: “If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go further go with a team”. Workplane has chosen to follow this wise advice and began a new phase of collaborations, one of them with our colleagues from Daye Design in the city of Guangzhou (China).


Quick video Portfolio

In standard22nd December, 2015 Quick video Portfolio

A short video saves time if you are interested is seing projects were Workplane has participated.


We moved to World Trade Center BCN

In standard21st May, 2015 We moved to World Trade Center BCN

We are proud to say that since May the first 2015, Workplane Design team has moved its offices to the World Trade Center of Barcelona. The offices are to the seventh floor so we have a lovely view of the sea and of the city. The complex is an international, dynamic and active environment that


Business Mission China

In standard6th May, 2015 Business Mission China

Barcelona was the gest city in the last Beijing Design week, and we were invited to participate by the BCD. We had de chance to know much more about how industrial design is developed on that growing big global power. We let you a picture library of our experience.

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