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Josep Casal visits China again

By Workplane Team Workplane In standard29th July, 2016 Josep Casal visits China again

The week of July 18th, 2016, the director of Workplane Design, Mr. Josep Casal, visited China again toghether with other members of the Barcelona’s team. His first visit to this country was in 2001 and after that has already been at least five times for reasons of cooperation between companies or business misions. This time,


Emerging Jieyang 2016

By Workplane Team Workplane In standard17th June, 2016 Emerging Jieyang 2016

From June the 5th to 8th 2016, our “Workplaner” Eduardo Garcia, joined “Emerging Jieyang” an international trade mission to the city of Jieyang (Guangdong, China) , along with 50 other Spanish companies and other 80 mainly German. The atmosphere all the time was very friendly and well organized by Emergia Partners. Jieyang’s City developing fast


Business Mission Turkey

By Workplane Team Workplane In standard21st January, 2016 Business Mission Turkey

In early June, We still take the opportunity to go to the Business and Institutional Mission Innovation in Turkey organized by ACCIÓ. With other nine Catalan companies, organizers ACCIÓ and by the honorable Councillor Felip Puig, Mr. Ferran Fernandez (Head of the Office of External Relations and Protocol), Mr. Pere Torrer (Company Secretary and Competitiveness),


Internet of Things

By Workplane Team Workplane In standard24th August, 2015 Internet of Things

A few years ago it was very difficult to imagine that our refrigerator would be the one in charge to get the weekly shopping or our toothbrush would be able to detect detecting cavities and make an appointment with our regular dentist, but nowadays it has come to reality. This is possible thanks to the

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