Is innovation the key to success?

By Workplane Team Workplane In standard28th July, 2017 Is innovation the key to success?

For years the word “innovation” seems the sure bet to achieve success, but between innovating and reinventing there are differences .. CREATIVITY vs INNOVATION Sometimes these terms are confused, let’s clarify some of these concepts: Creativity is the ability to invent or create without necessarily contributing to something practical. It could be a methodology, something


Internet of Things

By Workplane Team Workplane In standard24th August, 2015 Internet of Things

A few years ago it was very difficult to imagine that our refrigerator would be the one in charge to get the weekly shopping or our toothbrush would be able to detect detecting cavities and make an appointment with our regular dentist, but nowadays it has come to reality. This is possible thanks to the


Intertraffic 2014 Amsterdam

By Workplane Team Workplane In standard6th May, 2015 Intertraffic 2014 Amsterdam

In March 2014 we attended Intertraffic, to keep abreast of new transport and mobility solutions for cities of the future. We emphasize the interest of exhibitors to show products and installations increasingly efficient energetically and environment-friendly. We encourage you to view our album of the event: Intertraffic 2014 Amsterdam Photos.


Presenting Dulph

By Workplane Team Workplane In standard14th April, 2015 Presenting Dulph

DULPH, one of the projects selected by the Barcelona Design Centre to be presented at the MID “ Design Ideas Market 2014. DULPH is a product that is specially aimed at children with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder). For those who don’t know, the PDD is characterized by severe and widespread disturbance in various areas of

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