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Workplane & Cashkeeper

In standard22nd November, 2017 Workplane & Cashkeeper

Another fruitful cooperation. This time workplaners have provided services to Cashkeeper. The key objective was to create a new line of product and provide a satisfying answer to the previously received customer feedback. The company was striving for a complete visual transformation – cutting all the strings with the design tendencies of their past product


Rubi Tools

In standard21st November, 2017 Rubi Tools

RUBI (Germans Boada S.A) is a brand involved in producing a specialized and technically advanced tools for cutting, placement, maintenance and cleaning of the ceramic. The effectiveness of our design work brought us to the point where instead of providing ideas for a single project, we have continued mutual efforts in creating the whole range.


Our Office In China

In standard16th November, 2017 Our Office In China

Workplane Design opened an office in Guangzhou (China). This decision was taken for mainly 2 reasons: 1. Services for Western companies who deal with China on manufacturing their products As nowadays, there is a connection between manufacturing and innovation, that innovation comes from having the engineers and designers close to manufacturing and these groups all



In standard22nd September, 2017 Workplaners

The Team-Work makes the DREAM WORK. Here you have a short video with some of our Workplaners to get you know us a bit better.


Is innovation the key to success?

In standard28th July, 2017 Is innovation the key to success?

For years the word “innovation” it seemed the sure bet to achieve success, but sometimes gets mistaken with “creativity” and those are different concepts. CREATIVITY vs INNOVATION Sometimes these terms are confused, let’s clarify some of these concepts: Creativity is the ability to invent or create without necessarily contributing to something practical. It could be


Tool makers

In standard21st September, 2016 Tool makers

Since the stone age we humans have been obsessed on making tools, so here you have a short video with some examples of the ones we have participated on, make life “easier to build”


Quick video Portfolio

In standard22nd December, 2015 Quick video Portfolio

A short video saves time if you are interested is seing projects were Workplane has participated.


Internet of Things

In standard24th August, 2015 Internet of Things

A few years ago it was very difficult to imagine that our refrigerator would be the one in charge to get the weekly shopping or our toothbrush would be able to detect detecting cavities and make an appointment with our regular dentist, but nowadays it has come to reality. This is possible thanks to the


Interaction Design – Wireframes

In standard22nd May, 2015 Interaction Design – Wireframes

In the user experience design, the visualization of the concepts and the prototipation are key for a good design. This translates into the design of wireframes, that are the structural representation of the software, application or web page in which we are working. That let you focus on the system architecture and evaluate user behavior.

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