The reinforcement for your business!

Delegate on the creation of new product lines, concepts, modifications,
  parts, prototypes, development, UX, Tracking on the Production in China …
From the moment we start in the project we feel like one more of your work team.


Workplane Design is a company specialized in Industrial Design and its related areas, such as Mechanical Engineering, Conceptualization, Interaction Design and User Experience, Visual Design, etc.
Covering the needs of each project and adapting to any of its phases.

Why B2B?

We noticed that, the manufacturers, often do not have enough time, experience or personnel to accomplish the objectives set and we solve this need by offering specialized profiles to work as one more on your team or carrying out the project you wish to carry out from our offices of Barcelona or in Guangzhou.

Whom we address

We speak directly to those who understand better the needs of each project and the real strength of its internal team: Directors, technical coordinators, or managers of the R + D + I departments, design or personnel managers.
Outsourcing are a cost-effective solution to your specific needs.


Count on Workplane!

Dare with outsourcing!

We offer you our multidisciplinary team to meet any of your needs. Let’s join forces!

We want to help you to achieve the goals you have set, therefore we suggest:

1) Give you specific team profiles as the outsourcing increases productivity and quality standards of your company. One of the key points is that outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable ones. Choosing a quality partner as Workplane plus your skilled workforce is what will success in outsourced process. We focus on your needs:

– Industrial Designers
– Project management
– Graphic Visual Designers, Illustrators, Photographers
– Interaction Designers, Information Architects
– Front End developers
– Market Research & Ethnographic Investigations
– Internal/ External Communication Expert
– Social Media E-marketing Expert
– Professionals from other fields

2) Make YOUR TEAM accomplish the most creative solutions by applying the Design Thinking methodologies. We can develop Tailor Made Workshops in your office or elsewhere, since changing the environment can help looking at things from a different perspective.

Why choose us?

We feel your pain

Business Benefit

Best Value!

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