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Workplane was founded in 2005 to offer B2B solutions for industrial design and product development.
Its members have extensive professional experience.

Nowadays, we offer global design services in any of their phases.


Our scope is to find creative design solutions thanks to our curiosity on innovation and attention to details.

As a company we are committed on being flexible and streamline the hiring process with qualified staff for short, medium and/or long term.


Areas we cover: product design, engineering, visual and interaction design, programming, user experience (UX) and marketing.

Sectors: lighting, furniture, nautical, transportation, appliances, tools, technology and healthcare.


About us

We are creative & functional

We offer you our multidisciplinary team to meet any of your needs. Let’s join forces!

We want to help you to achieve the goals you have set, therefore we suggest:

1) Give you specific team profiles as the outsourcing increases productivity and quality standards of your company. One of the key points is that outsourcing converts fixed costs into variable ones. Choosing a quality partner as Workplane plus your skilled workforce is what will success in outsourced process. We focus on your needs:

– Industrial Designers
– Project management
– Graphic Visual Designers, Illustrators, Photographers
– Interaction Designers, Information Architects
– Front End developers
– Market Research & Ethnographic Investigations
– Internal/ External Communication Expert
– Social Media E-marketing Expert
– Professionals from other fields

2) Make your team accomplish the most creative solutions by applying the Design Thinking methodologies. We can develop Tailor Made Workshops in your office or elsewhere, since changing the environment can help looking at things from a different perspective.

Why choose us?

We’re passionate

Creative thinkers

We love what we do!

We are member of:


The Workplaners

Josep Casal

With 8 years of experience in R&D in Sanyo on his back, he went to work for Hewlett-Packard where the idea of founding his own company gave him the strength he needed. Besides his passion for Industrial Design he loves to play the trumpet and to go sailing.

Josep Casal

Director & Owner

Frank Sorroche 

Always very optimistic, he studied technical drawings and his project management skills help a lot to be the perfect bridge among the clients and us. Among his hobbies, traveling and writing novels, available on Amazon.

Fran Sorroche

Client Relation Manager

Manuel Tavora

A hardworking man, creative and ambitious Architect and Industrial designer. Loving to improve the present world by creating new solutions and redesigning current products. Willing to go further in his life he’s never afraid of new experiences.

Manuel Tavora

Design Manager


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